What does NJ LECET Provide?

NJ LECET specializes in bring industry, legislative, and community support for projects involving highway and utility construction and renovation; building and school construction; and environmental and hazardous waste remediation. NJ LECET staff is known for its experience and expertise in numerous fields including economic development, government relations, real estate developemnt, labor law, finance, and marketing.  

  • Project Tracking – NJ LECET creates job opportunities for members and contractors through project monitoring.
  • Marketing and Business Development – NJ LECET works with local business, community and government groups to promote investment in economic development, transportation and infrastructure.
  • Legislative and Regulatory Affairs – NJ LECET reviews legislation and serves as an advocate with government agencies and the public to further industry goals.
  • Research – NJ LECET analyzes industry trends and new developing markets, which gives contractors the competitive edge in the bidding process.
  • Prevailing Wage Enforcement – By maintaining an active presence throughout the industry, NJ LECET strives to place all contractors on a level playing field and make sure that all construction workers, union and non-union alike, are paid a fair wage.
  • Communications – NJ LECET publicizes the proven value of unionized construction and how labor-management cooperation strengthens the industry.

How does NJ LECET deliver what you need?
Using the best-trained and skilled workers in the industry, NJ LECET delivers what project owners and contractors need to complete a job on time and within budget.

NJ LECET's cooperative approach enables contractors and construction owners to be more:

  • Competitive
  • Cost-effective
  • Responsive to Labor and Management Concerns
  • Productive
  • Safety-Conscious
  • Attuned to Industry Changes and Needs

NJ LECET works closely with other LIUNA finds – including the New Jersey Laborers Health and Safety fund, Laborers' Eastern Region Organizing Fund, and education, training, and apprenticeship funds – to improve construction industry standards, ensure economic growth and enhance the quality of life in New Jersey.

Laborer or contractor, employee or employer, NJ LECET is here for you.

Services News Room

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MONROE TWP, NJ -- The 20,000 member New Jersey Laborers Union is throwing its considerable political support behind Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman in the race to succeed Congressman Rush Holt in New Jersey’s 12th