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We are LIUNA Proud, the men and women who have joined together in unity to create stable and rewarding careers for ourselves and the opportunity for a better life for our families.

We are the skilled and productive workforce that makes our employers successful.

We are part of a movement that believes in the dignity of work and that workers should receive just compensation for their labor.

We stand ready to support workers who desire representation and fair treatment in the workplace. We are your neighbors--members of the community who raise families, pay taxes, attend religious services, volunteer, go to work, all the things that people do every day.

I am LIUNA Proud (and here’s why)

1. I earn more -- government statistics show that the average pay for union construction workers is more than 50% above that of non-union construction workers.

2. It doesn't matter what color I am or if I'm a man or a woman -- our contract treats us equally.

3. LIUNA has one of the best continuing education systems in the world – and it’s free. Training helps me find more work and keeps me safer on the job.

4. There's healthcare and a pension – 82% of union construction workers have health insurance, compared to only 46% of non-union construction workers and 77% of union construction workers have a pension plan, compared to only 35% of non-union construction workers.

5. We're better off together than going it alone. Find out more about the campaign to Build America So America Works by creating good jobs and fixing America's basics.

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Fall 2014 NJ Laborers Vision Screening Schedule

Published By: NJ Laborers on 2014-09-05


The New Jersey Laborers Health and Safety Fund announce the schedule for member vision screenings.  All screenings will start an hour before your Local Union's membership meeting.  The screeening are offered free of charge and bno...

LIUNA’s Osborne eager to get to work in NJ’s largest city

Published By: NJ Laborers on 2014-05-29

Newark’s Councilman-Elect focused on safety, schools, and jobs


LIUNA members get dispatched to jobs all the time.  No big deal, right?  Well, for...

Support the EPA's Passaic River Bank to Bank Cleanup Plan.

Published By: NJ Laborers on 2014-04-23

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a comprehensive bank-to-bank clean up of the Lower Passaic River, an area left for dead after decades of industrial pollution.  While their recommendations carry some weight, the fact is that offending...

Raymond M. Pocino on the need for living wages at Port Authority airports

Published By: NJ Laborers on 2014-03-07

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey should waste no time in adopting a living wage standard for all of its airports.  All workers deserve a family-sustaining wage and benefits for their labor. Certainly,...

LIUNA supports Mark Smith for Bayonne mayor

Published By: NJ Laborers on 2014-03-07


The New Jersey Laborers Union endorsed for re-election Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith, citing his strong record of stabilizing finances, strengthening government services, and supporting middle class and working families.