NJ Construction Craft Laborers Apprenticeship Program

What does the Construction Craft Laborers Apprenticeship Program Entail?

The New Jersey Construction Craft Laborers' Apprenticeship Program is an innovative labor-management fund that recruits and trains men and women for careers as a Union Laborer. NJCCLAP is the state's only federally approved apprenticeship program for construction craft laborers.

Through a combination of classroom and on-the-job training, new members gain the skills to become a Construction Craft Laborer. LIUNA requires all new members to participate in a comprehensive apprenticeship program, consisting of 4,000 hours of on the job training with an additional 400 hours of classroom training. Through this program, men and women gain the necessary skills to building a career.

All training is provided free of charge to qualified candidates, and apprentices are paid according to a schedule based on training and experience. Pay raises are given after each period of approximately 1,000 hours of work and training.

  • First period at 60% of the journeyworker rate.
  • Second period at 70% of the journeyworker rate
  • Third period at 80% of the journeyworker rate
  • Fourth period at 90% of the journeyworker rate

We appreciate your comments or questions. Please direct all correspondence to:

31 Mott Avenue
Monroe Township, NJ 08831


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