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Solar Protection Vital for Laborers

Published by: NJ Laborers on 01/07/2012

Excerpt from Lifelines Newsletter This time of year, when the construction industry gets into full swing, it is essential for Laborers who work outdoors to always wear sunscreen.   “Warm weather and extended hours increase the risk of skin cancer, “says LIUNA Genera...

What You Don’t Know about High Blood Pressure Can Kill You

Published by: NJ Laborers on 01/07/2012

Excerpt from Lifelines Newsletter "If high blood pressure hurt," says LHSFNA Management Co-Chairman Noel C. Borck, "fewer people would die from heart attacks and strokes."That high blood pressure (HBP) or hypertension,can lead to these life-threatening events is no secret. Howeve...

I need a Union

Better pay, better benefits, better treatment at work, better opportunities—these are just some of the ways unions are helping workers today. The Laborers’ International Union of North America is one the most progressive and aggressive unions representing workers in construction, service industries, manufacturing, and the public sector.


Helping our signatory contractors increase market share, productivity and profitability matters to NJ LECET. As a nationally-recognized labor-management cooperative, NJ LECET works to create opportunities for our employers to win projects and put our members to work. NJLECET services add value to the employer-employee relationship.

LIUNA Tri Funds

Tri-Funds Working together works best, which is why the Laborers International Union and its signatory employers have developed highly acclaimed labor-management partnerships to assist contractors, aid developers and provide a competitive advantage in the industries where we work. • A safe and healthy workplace is not only good for workers; it is also good for the bottom line.


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