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Liuna Mean Business

Published by: NJ Laborers on 01/09/2012

Think about it: millions of business transactions happen each day where people set a price or affix a value to a product or service. A steel supplier sets a price for their steel; lawyers write contracts outlining terms and conditions; a farmer determines what she is willing to pay for feed, and an accountant sets an hourly fee. But what power does an average worker have to ensure they are paid a reasonable wage for their labor and are treated fairly by their employer?

Individually, one’s power is weak, but TOGETHER we are strong! That’s what unions do. We bring workers together under one banner and bargain collectively with employers to ensure fairness and equity in the workplace. Our detractors like to call us names like anti-business or uncompetitive, but really we are merely making sure that workers, most businesses’ most important resource, are rewarded fairly just like everyone else.

You need a voice at work, whether it is a union, a friend who has your back, or some inner strength that protects your interests and advocates for you. For more than 100 years, the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) has provided that collective voice for construction workers, public sector employees, healthcare workers, service employees and many, many more. More than an organization, we are a movement, one that believes in the dignity of work and respect for all workers.